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  • May 18, 2022
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Job Description

Company Description

Course Hero is on a mission to help students graduate, confident and prepared. The online learning platform offers over 60 million course-specific study resources created by and for students and educators, as well as 24/7 tutor help. More than 65,000 verified college educators use Course Hero to collaborate with other faculty and share resources to hone new strategies for instruction. Everyday, students, educators and tutors help more than 20 million students make every study hour count.

We have an awesome team and a truly engaging culture. We are customer-focused, collaborative, responsible, gritty, and we love to learn. Our bold mission is to help students graduate confident and prepared!

We are not the only ones that think we’re onto something big. Course Hero has been recognized as one of the 2021 Top 100 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area, Top 50 Best Paying Companies in the Bay Area, Top 100 Most Transparent Companies, and in the Top 50 Most Transformational Companies in Education Technology. Read up on some of our recent news coverage, blog, and learn more about us to see what it is like to work with our team.

Job Description

Course Hero is growing our global team of tutors! Course Hero is hiring experts in a wide variety of subjects who want to leverage their knowledge to answer text based questions and support our community of 20+ million students.

As a tutor on Course Hero, you will choose the subjects in which you want to answer questions. You will then select questions and provide text based answers and explanations to students who need help better understanding the questions, topics, and subjects they are studying.

The benefits of being a tutor on Course Hero include:

  • Earn $$$:Tutors earn $2-$15 per question and top tutors can earn $1,500+ per month (earnings vary depending on the number of questions answered, subject category, question difficulty, answer quality, and other factors).
  • Work when you want:All questions and answers are text based, so no audio or video is required. This means tutors can answer questions anytime and from anywhere. Tutors can also choose how many questions they want to answer.
  • Help students learn:By sharing guidance and expertise, tutors empower students to learn more effectively, and by doing so, feel more confident and prepared both in school and after graduation.
  • Build your resume:Tutors can feature their tutoring experience on their resume. Whether you’re looking for your first job or your next job, tutoring is a great way to show that you’re growing and developing your knowledge.
  • Sharpen your expertise: Whether you’re a professional, recent graduate, or current student, being a tutor and answering questions will sharpen your expertise and strengthen your skill set.

Requirements to apply include:

  • Ability to read and write fluently in English
  • A second-year college student or above
  • Proof of education and valid ID

To apply, please use the following resources:

  • Application link:
  • Referral code: ACQ
  • More info:

PRIORITY SUBJECTS: Math - Other, Statistics and Probability, General Accounting, General Economics, Physics, Health Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Meteorology, Spanish, Literature, Creative Writing, Writing, Tax law, Religious Studies, Social Psychology, Architecture, Geography, Sociology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Python Programming, matlab, Computer Science - Other


  • Ability to read and write fluently in English
  • A second-year college student or above
  • Proof of education* and valid ID

*diploma, transcript of grades, online copy of grades with validation, marksheet [for multi-page document, compile to PDF file]

Additional Information

If you are interested, follow these steps:

Step 1: Compile all necessary documents mentioned above into a single PDF file (Make sure to do this before applying to avoid session timeout during application)

Step 2: Read more information about the application here:

Step 3: Once you're all set, apply here by clicking "Apply Now":

Use Referral code: ACQ (for us to prioritize your application and increase your chance of getting approved)

*Note: If ever you cannot select your subjects, this is due to the surge in applications in the past weeks. You may check back by logging into your account. Also, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SENDING MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS as this may lead to automatic rejection