Power Plant Manager

  • American Engineering Corp
  • Waco, TX , United States
  • Aug 04, 2010
Full time Engineer Management

Job Description


The Plant Manager is responsible for directing all Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities at the plant. The Plant Manager assures that an adequate supply of manpower, tools, equipment, and spare parts are available at all times to provide for the safe and efficient operation of the plant. The Plant Manager assures that the plant is operated in compliance with applicable safety, environmental, and power generating requirements.


Responsible and accountable for developing, implementing and directing the plant's Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Administrative, Training, Chemistry and Environmental QA/QC programs to assure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of the plant.

Develop and implement a business plan to meet established goals and objectives.

Promote and ensure Environmental Compliance and Safety Excellence.

Sound communication abilities to interface with Owners and other as needed.

Manage budgeting, long term planning, procurement and expenditure approval. Monitor and control expenditures within budget limits.

Manage and oversee the performance of planned and unplanned plant outages.

Implement training and qualification programs to assure that plant procedures are understood and properly followed by all plant personnel. Verify that the certification status of affected operation and maintenance personnel is maintained current.

Work through and with others to develop subordinates and promote a participative atmosphere.

Ensure that the morale and motivation of plant personnel is maintained at a high level at all times.

Conduct periodic reviews of plant policies and procedures to assure that they reflect current plant operating requirements.

Direct the sourcing, screening and hiring of new or replacement personnel as needed.

Oversee the preparation of required client reports, budgets, environmental compliance reports, etc.

Develops, directs implementation and audits compliance with administrative, operating and maintenance practices and procedures.

Ensures coordination and compliance with reliability organizations.

Promotes community relations & development programs.


The Plant Manager determines own practices and procedures, contributing to the development of new concepts, and performing duties independently with only general directions given. Decisions are made within policy constraints. The Plant Manager encounters new and varied work situations, extremely complex in nature.

The Plant Manager is accountable for the plant's long-range planning. The Plant Manager must effectively communicate information to the Senior Vice President, Power Plant Operations/Technical Services, Plant Supervisors and client representatives relative to the overall operations of the plant. The Plant Manager must perform duties, and ensure all plant personnel are performing duties, in a safe manner resulting in no accidents, in compliance with all environmental permits at all times. The Plant Manager must perform duties, and ensure all plant personnel are performing duties, in such a way to result in an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

All employees have the responsibility to both the customer and their co-workers to do the job right the first time and to ensure the customer's needs are being met.


The Plant Manager reports to the Division Director, and supervises the Plant Management Team. The Plant Manager is the primary point of contact between NAES Corporation and the Owner on all matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the plant. The Plant Manager cooperates with other NAES Corporation division managers as needed.


Physical requirements include: possibility of working on feet for extensive periods, requiring stair and ladder climbing. Protective equipment must be worn in the performance of some duties (e.g. hard hats, safety glasses, air masks, ear protection, chemical suits, hot gloves and high voltage protective equipment, etc.).

Position requires extended working hours and varied shifts with the possibility of weekend and holiday work, as required by schedules, work load and plant conditions. "On call" status will periodically be required.

All employees will participate in the Fitness for Duty Program. This program includes a post-offer physical examination and drug screening and post employment random drug screening. There are extensive smoking restrictions in and around the facility.


Job Requirements:

JOB QUALIFICATIONS -A Bachelor's degree in engineering or substantial equivalent combination of education and experience is required. -A minimum of three years experience as a Plant Manager of a power plant is required, preferably with large coal-fired units and supercritical units. -A minimum of seven years of experience in coal-fired power plant maintenance/operations is required, of which at least three years must be supercritical unit experience and three years in a plant burning Powder River Basin coal. -At least 6 years experience supervising technical, supervisory and administrative personnel including experience as Maintenance, Operations, Engineering or Plant Manager in a coal-fired power plant. -Basic Computer Skills Ability to understand procedures and instructions specific to the area of assignment as would be acquired in four years of high school. -Strong leadership and motivational skills required. -Experience in power plant start-up and commissioning is highly desired. -Proven leadership in Environmental and Safety Excellence.


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